Janet's residential painting

An industry in need of a woman’s touch

Janet a residential painter by trade, decided that she needed to fill a gap in her industry. Too many painters looked and operated the same and were more than often men dealing with female clients. She desires the create a transformation in the lives of the homeowners and we were asked to help her make that that happen.


  • Brand strategy
  • Brand identity
  • Website UI/UX
  • Print collateral

An identity system for women

With the knowledge that the majority of homeowners look to refresh their home interior were women, so it only made sense to ensure that logo and identity system appealed to them.

Physical mail... Really?

Yes! Personalized mail is such a rarity in the digital age, that it was a no brainer as a strategy to building relationship and word of mouth with recent clients. We take photographs of the owners home after the paint has dried and the home put back together; print and mail a thank you card with their photo along with a beautiful quote about the home.

It’s all about showcasing their home

To continue the conversation with the homeowners, we’ve designed the site to act as a platform to showcase the client’s new homes online.