Our process

The branding process is about your customer being at the center of everything, and then building around your own strength and their needs. Simple, straightforward, and designed based on common sense.

Step one

Strategy workshop

We start off with a with a fun facilitated workshop for you and your core team. This is how and where we get to know and understand who your customers are and what it is they need from you. During this process we’ll discover who your brand is through new understandings of your customers and business opportunities.

Step two

Creative exploration

Now is the time for our creativity to really shine! We’ll turn all of our hard work and insights from the workshop into beautiful and effective pieces of communication. This phase is dedicated to playful experimentation and masterful execution to develop the look and feel that becomes a workhorse for your business.

Step three

Production and refinement

The vision for our brand comes to life, and with your feedback, we work towards refining the concepts and bringing them towards final production. We’re obsessed with the details, from print to digital we ensure that everything is on point, right down to the pixel.

Step four

Execute and measure

With an effective and beautiful brand identity in place, the work of growing your brand and building your brand's community begins. We don’t abandon you once the work is over, we stick around to help navigate the unknown, and provide insights & guidance as we track and observe the effectiveness of the execution strategy.

Our capabilities

  • Strategy

    I work together with you and your team to better define and understand your customer, develop your brand’s voice, and uncover new opportunities and ways to give your customers more of what they need.

    • user profiles & journeys
    • Brand attributes
    • Positioning
    • Competitive audits
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  • Identity

    Branding is about expressing a company’s values and personality through various mediums. By developing a comprehensive and consistent experience that resonates with your customers, we create community and nurture lasting relationships.

    • Logo & identity systems
    • Naming & messaging
    • Brand guidelines
    • Marketing & brand collateral
    • Environment design
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  • Digital

    Our society lives in the digital space, it’s necessary real-estate for any business. We work between the user and the information the need to access by creating user focused and intuitive interfaces and experiences that are a joy to use across devices.

    • Responsive web design and development
    • Information architecture
    • Wireframing and prototyping
    • Content management systems (CMS)
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